Why Restaurants Choose Alibi Cloud VS

Decrease loss prevention, ensure food safety and other standards of service are being met, and create a welcoming environment for customers in Austin, TX with Alibi Cloud Video Surveillance.

Streamline video surveillance management and visibility across restaurant locations with anytime, anywhere access

Strengthen security with incident-based alerts and video timestamps

Quickly identify and easily mitigate fraudulent transactions with third-party point-of-sale (POS) integrations

Use existing cameras or choose from more than 3,000 IP, analog, and HD over Coax cameras from all the leading manufacturers

Better manage your budget with flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates

Flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates.

The Benefits of Alibi Cloud VS for Restaurants

Ensuring workers are adhering to Austin health standards while creating an inviting atmosphere for customers is the key to nurturing loyal patronage.

  • Record and view the exchange of funds, goods, and employee-customer interactions to ensure quality service and staff safety
  • Monitor food prep to mitigate potential risks, reduce shrinkage, and ensure proper food handling and storage
  • With ourse analytics tools, you can mitigate theft, be alerted when any unwanted activity occurs, and uncover potential security concerns before they become serious liabilities


Strategic Insights with Advanced Analytics

Advanced video analytics transform security cameras into powerful tools for not only safely, but also business optimization. Alibi Cloud VS offers a wide array of advanced analytics. People Counting, Line Crossing, and Loitering, in particular, are restaurant owners’ most requested and valued analytics.

Let us help you create a safe environment for your customers and staff

Real-time Insight Into Customer Behavior

Do you know what your peak business hours are? Do you know how many customers in Austin, TX enter your restaurant each day and what their patterns and behaviors are? With our People Counting analytic, you can easily capture how many customers enter and exit each location, and at which hours. This information can inform staffing decisions, training needs, and other actions crucial to your business operations.



Minimize Theft, Break-ins and Vandalism

The Alibi Cloud VS Line Crossing tool sends an alert when someone or something crosses over a predesignated, off-limits line within your business. This instant notification ensures the most vulnerable areas of your Austin business are secure.

Improve Your Investigation of Suspicious Cash Register Transactions

One of the toughest issues restaurant owners in Austin, TX face is employee theft. Surveillance cameras, on their own, can significantly minimize this risk. However, when you integrate your point-of-sale (POS) and video surveillance systems, you can view your sales and payment data in one single place. Easily search transactions by querying filters and quickly find video tied to fraudulent transactions.