Why Property Owners Choose Alibi Cloud VS

Improve visibility into the day-to-day operations of your Austin property, discourage unwanted visitors, and reduce your liability exposure with Alibi Cloud VS. Your stellar reputation for the security and wellbeing of your tenants will give current residents peace of mind and attract new tenants, as well.

Use your existing cameras or choose from more than 3,000 compatible cameras from all the leading manufacturers

Easily access and manage the system remotely

Quickly identify and archive video from notable events

Add and remove users, and grant varying levels of access to continually meet your fluctuating needs

View and navigate between cameras installed across multiple buildings or locations

Respond to and Resolve Incidents With Advanced Analytics

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Object Counting

Monitor traffic patterns in places like building gates, parking garages, front offices, and shared living spaces.

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Using our Intrusion analytics can help prevent crimes like vandalism and break-ins.

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Line Crossing

Keep an eye on vulnerable or secure areas, particularly after hours, with our Line Crossing analytic.

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Camera Tampering

Receive alerts when cameras are being blocked, moved, or otherwise tampered with.