Why Educational Institutions Choose Alibi Cloud VS

When you have confidence in the safety and health of your educational environment, your students and staff members can focus on the important business of learning. With Alibi Cloud VS, it's easy to create a campus environment in Austin, TX that's safer, more secure, and healthier for every level of education – pre-kindergarten through university. Your school community will appreciate the reduced operating and maintenance costs of Alibi Cloud VS and, with no software to purchase or servers to maintain, it's a cost-saving solution that will grow with you.

Centrally manage your video surveillance, including multiple cameras, locations, and users, from a single, user-friendly interface

Remotely and securely view encrypted video from any mobile device and web browser

Pre-designated first responders to receive real-time security camera access in emergency situations

Easily scale your surveillance system at a flexible price with more than 3,000 compatible cameras, including IP, analog, and HD over Coax

Better manage your budget with flexible monthly or yearly payment plans

Gain insight into events with advanced analytics, equipping security personnel to swiftly resolve issues

Optimize Campus Security Using Analytics

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Object Counting

Identify peak traffic times, monitor the number of students, staff, and visitors entering and exiting your school, and better understand traffic flow and patterns with Object Counting.

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With our Loitering analytics, you can set up custom alerts to watch for trespassers or loiterers in vulnerable areas, such as parking lots, playgrounds, and athletic facilities.

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Keep an eye on your campuses, particularly after hours, by setting parameters and monitoring when someone or something enters an area that you’ve predetermined using our Intrusion analytics.

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Line Crossing

Protect valuable assets, such as A/V equipment, trophies, and classified documents, with real-time alerts when someone crosses a predesignated restricted line.

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Camera Tampering

Receive notifications and respond in real time when a camera is blocked, moved, or tampered with in any way.

Solutions for Special Education Classrooms

The safety and wellbeing of students and staff take top priority on K-12 campuses. This is especially true for more vulnerable students with special needs. Various states have begun implementing laws requiring security cameras in special education classrooms. Retention requirements vary, with some states requiring you retain your video for up to 90 days. Alibi Cloud VS is a simple, scalable solution that enables you to assign resolution and retention camera by camera to better accommodate your schools’ needs.