Why Cannabis Industry Chooses Alibi Cloud VS

The cannabis industry in Austin, TX has strict and ever-changing regulations regarding video surveillance, and complying with these requirements can be problematic. Alibi Cloud Video Surveillance can help cannabis business owners meet the rigorous standards for both video resolution and retention. In addition, it enables you to remotely monitor multiple locations, from seed to sale, and minimize losses.

Simply manage security cameras with a cost-effective system that easily scales with your business

Remotely monitor people and products, mitigating theft in an industry teeming with opportunity due to the volume of product being moved and the amount of cash on hand.

Easily pull and review live and historic video, monitoring staff and inventory to minimize loss and maximize revenue

Connect with thousands of IP, analog, and HD over Coax cameras from all the leading manufacturers

Conserve budget dollars by employing fewer security guards, and get notified in real time of any suspicious activity with advanced analytics, such as intrusion detection and loitering

Integrate third-party applications, such as access control and point-of-sale platforms, with our open application programming interface (API)

Strategic Insights With Advanced Analytics

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People Counting

Identify peak business hours, count the number of customers entering and exiting your business, and observe traffic patterns with People Counting.

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Reduce losses incurred from vandalism or theft, and comply with anti-loitering regulations with our Loitering analytics. Set up alerts to be notified whenever someone stays in an area, such as your parking lot, for too long, empowering you to promptly respond to and resolve incidents.

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Line Crossing

Protect vital areas, such as onsite safes and vaults, with Line Crossing. If an individual crosses a predetermined line, you’ll get notified in real time.

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Camera Tampering

Ensure regulatory compliance and preserve your cameras’ fields of view with real-time Camera Tampering alerts.

Let us make sure you comply with local and state regulations

State Storage State Storage
AZ 30 Days MD 45 Days
AK 40 Days MI 14 Days
AR 90 Days NV 30 Days
CA 90 Days OR 90 Days
CO 40 Days PA 2 Years
DE 90 Days RI 60 Days
FL 45 Days VT 30 Days
GA 90 Days WA 40 Days

Cannabis Video Storage Requirements by State

States, and even counties and cities, dictate different video surveillance requirements for cannabis business operators. While storing your video in the cloud is ideal, you may be required to store on-premise, as well.

Alibi Cloud VS offers both cloud and on-premise storage, recording to both for reliability and redundancy. Many states also have video retention laws for cannabis businesses. Using Alibi Cloud VS, you can select the retention period, camera by camera, to comply with these regulations.