Cloud Video Management System

Our purpose-built cloud VMS for industries in Walnut Creek, CA eliminates all the headaches associated with traditional video surveillance systems. There’s no software to purchase and install, no licenses to buy, and no operating system to maintain. With a click, you can add a camera or user at any time. You can also change how long you retain your recordings and you pay only for what you use.

Centralized Control And Permission Management

Multiple sites in Walnut Creek, CA, multiple users – no problem. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS provides central management tools that empower you to assign access, revoke access, and track user activity of the surveillance system, all from your web browser.

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24/7 Access From Any Device

Use your web browser of choice on your preferred device to view live or historic cloud video from anywhere in the world. View live video, search historic footage, adjust camera settings, and share videos – all from your mobile device.

Did we mention how secure your data is?

With Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown all data and video is encrypted, and there are no open ports to the Internet.

On-Demand Scalability

Leverage unlimited computing power, bandwidth and storage capabilities. Add or remove cameras at any time, and modify your storage requirements as needed.

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Max Camera Flexibility

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS works with thousands of IP and analog cameras from all the leading manufacturers. You’re afforded the freedom and flexibility to choose your own cloud video cameras or use the cameras that are already installed.

Did you know security updates are automatic?

With Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, all camera features and security protocols are always up to date real-time.

Other Features Include

Alerts and Notifications

Always know the status of your Walnut Creek business. Create unlimited motion detection zones for each camera and receive notifications when cameras go offline.

Interactive Camera Maps

Create custom floorplans, drag and drop video cameras to specify their locations, and view and record cloud video directly from a physical layout.

First Responder Access

Pre-designate first responders in Walnut Creek, CA to receive real-time security camera access during emergency situations.

Whether you're protecting an individual business location, enterprise-wide facility, or multi-family residence, we have you covered with seamless access control integrations.

For reliability and redundancy, store your video in the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of the two. Set your storage selections by camera, retention and/or resolution.

Surveillance cameras can be easily are configured, remotely, from your web browser or mobile interface. There’s no need to install special software.