Why Hospitality Industry Leaders Choose Eagle Eye Networks

Thousands of guests, staff, and vendors come and go from hotels in Walnut Creek, CA on a daily basis. Whether you need to protect a single hotel location or a global chain of hotels, the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) has a solution for you.

Remotely access video and quickly navigate between cameras and locations with streamlined security management

Use existing cameras or choose from more than 3,000 compatible cameras

Quickly pinpoint and share time-stamped footage when an incident occurs

Choose to store your video in the cloud, on-premise, or both

Advanced Analytics Uncover Ways to Improve Guests' Visits

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Object Counting

With Object Counting, you can monitor the number of guests and staff entering and exiting the building, and better understand peak traffic times and traffic flow patterns.

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Set custom alerts to help reduce theft, vandalism, and break-ins, especially during off hours.

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Line Crossing

Receive an instant notification when someone enters a predesignated restricted area.

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Camera Tampering

Camera Tampering immediately alerts you when cameras are blocked, moved, or otherwise tampered with.

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Real-Time Access for First Responders

Every second counts when an emergency is unfolding. Through the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, administrators may provide first responders in Walnut Creek, CA with access to your video security system. This early access gives them immediate insight into the potential crisis, and greatly improves their ability to properly respond.

Simply predesignate first responders to receive real-time camera access. Security cameras are only shared when an administrator activates the first responder access. You also have the flexibility to share specific cameras, making it easier for first responders to quickly determine what’s happening and where.

Manage Access to Sensitive Locations with Access Control Integrations

You may want to limit access to certain sensitive and/or private areas of your Walnut Creek hotel operation. Eagle Eye Networks offers integrations with leading access control systems for a seamlessly-integrated security solution.