Why Banks Choose Eagle Eye Networks

Financial institutions in Walnut Creek, CA face a number of challenges, from protecting customer data, to remaining PCI compliant, to preventing robberies and vandalism. Reliable video surveillance is key to facing – and overcoming – these demands. Eagle Eye Networks is a 100 percent cloud recording solution that simplifies user management, enables remote monitoring, and provides unlimited scalability. Store your video in the cloud, on-premises, or both for reliability and redundancy.

Enables remote access to streamline security management and give visibility across multiple branch locations

Strengthens security with built-in incident-based alerts and video timestamps

Is compatible with over 3,000 cameras including IP, analog, and HD over Coax models

Provides insights into any event using advanced analytics, so security personnel can identify and implement quick resolutions

Offers flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates with new tools and features

Improves emergency response times by pre-designating security access to first responders

Strategic Insights With Advanced Analytics

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Object Counting

Monitor customers and staff entering and exiting buildings, discover peak traffic times, and gain insight into customer patterns and behaviors.

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Keep an eye on vulnerable areas after hours by setting parameters and tracking when someone or something enters the predetermined area.

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Set up custom alerts to monitor for trespassers or loiterers in parking lots and near ATMs.

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Line Crossing

Monitor access to sensitive areas, like safes, and ensure bank employees are following procedures.

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Camera Tampering

Receive notifications when a camera is covered, vandalized, or moved, and respond in real time.

Let us empower you to improve branch performance and operations


Real-Time Collaboration with First Responders

In emergency situations, it’s critical for bank management to quickly alert and cooperate with first responders. Eagle Eye Cloud VMS administrators have the option to pre-designate first responders in Walnut Creek, CA to receive immediate real-time security camera access during emergency situations.

The cameras are shared only when an authorized user activates first responder access. The authorized user has the option to highlight specific cameras, making it easier for first responders to gain insight into the exact situation.

Manage Access to Sensitive Locations with Access Control Integrations

Limiting access to certain areas of your business in Walnut Creek, CA is essential for smooth business operations and regulatory compliance measures. Eagle Eye Networks offers integrations with best-in-class access control systems for a fully integrated security solution.